What is a Hedge Fund

What is a Hedge Fund?

Q & A: What is a Hedge Fund?

What is a Hedge Fund?I often see Yahoo Questions, Linkedin Questions and HFMA questions about what is a hedge fund, what are hedge funds, how are hedge fund different from mutual funds? etc. To help answer these questions here is a video that explains what a hedge fund is.

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- Richard

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Anonymous said...

You are a D-bag

Richard Wilson said...

Thank you for this contribution. You might want to check out Jeffrey Gitomer's book "Yes! Attitude." It's great.

Anonymous said...

You deserve this success and much more.

Richard Wilson said...

Thank you!

dasika said...

Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and these bastard Hedge Funds are behind our economic slump.

Richard Wilson said...

Unfortunately that's what most of the general public believes. This is what we will be discussing at the EU Business Summit in a few weeks in Brussels.

I will try to write an article on this soon and publish it to this website. Thanks for your comment.

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