What Are Hedge Funds

What Are Hedge Funds?

What are Hedge Funds?

What Are Hedge FundsHedge funds are investment portfolios ran by professional money managers who use alternative investment strategies to produce returns for their investors. Hedge Funds typically charge 2% fees on the base level of investments plus a 20% performance fee which allows them to take 20% of the fees collected from positive performance returns they bring in. Hedge funds are restricted investment only available to a qualfied investor who typically has over $1M in investible assets.

If you would like to know more about hedge funds send me an email or call me and I'll try to answer your questions. I cannot sell you a hedge fund but I can point you towards some resources that might be helpful.

I've worked with hedge funds and I'm open to providing advice based on my experience. Additionally, I work for a third party marketing firm and we sometimes work with hedge funds helping them raise their assets under management...and no the ferrari has nothing to do with hedge funds except for the fact that many hedge fund managers make enough money to own one.

- Richard

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