Hedge Fund Careers

Hedge Fund Careers

Hedge Fund Career Trends

Hedge Fund Careers

With hedge funds now a mainstay in the public eye many MBA graduates and accounting/audit professionals are starting a hedge fund career with hopes of increased salaries and less big box corporate pains.

If it would help you find a Hedge Fund Job please visit HedgeFundGroup.org and join our networking association for free. We have over 13,500 members in the group so far and you may contact anyone there at no cost.

Also, take a look at the CHA Designation Program offered by the Hedge Fund Group (HFG). I have helped create this certification program and it is designed for hedge fund managers, hedge fund professionals and those who work with hedge funds.

I will posting more on hedge fund career tips, hedge fund career guides and hedge fund career experts over the next couple of quarters. Please see below for links to additional resources.

- Richard

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