Best Hedge Funds

Best Hedge Funds

Which Are The Best Hedge Funds?

best hedge fundThe best hedge funds traditionally are those that provide the best risk/return profile for the individual or institution looking to invest money.

Looking For The Best Hedge Fund?

If you are looking for the best hedge fund you should start by working with professionals in the field who have seen hundreds of hedge funds over the course of the last year and know how to separate the fly-by-nighters vs. the real deals. Never rush into any large investment, including an exciting sounding hedge fund manager. If they truly are one of the best hedge funds they will be around next quarter and next year to invest in at a later time.

Statistics used to determine who is best includes looking at alpha, sharpe, sortino, battering average, down capture, and up capture ratios among others. If you would like to learn more about these definitions please subscribe to this blog and I will be posting one new definition per day for the next couple of months in addition to my commentary on the hedge fund industry.

- Richard

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