The Instant Millionaire Book

The Instant Millionaire Book

The Instant Millionaire Book

The Instant Millionaire BookI read a lot of books on sales, investments, persuasion, marketing, influence, and NLP. I often take notes on great passages that I read and recently came across a very practical unique way of keeping yourself motivated and disciplined. I read this lesson in "The Instant Millionaire" by Mark Fisher. It is a great book, quick to read, and costs about $3 on

The great lesson I got from this book was that strong people make their actions control their moods and emotions while weak people let their moods and emotions control their actions.

This simply struck me as an interesting point of view until I deliberately tried it both at work and at the gym. It is very similar to Brian Tracy's saying that successful people like and dislike the same things as unsuccessful people but when they face an important task they dislike they do it anyways. They do what they need to do to succeed.

These are pretty elementary ideas that most of you have probably read before in various places or might think are common sense but I find myself more productive and fulfilled if I remind myself of them every couple of weeks or months.

- Richard

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