Capital Introduction

Capital Introduction

Hedge Fund Capital Introduction

Capital IntroductionQuick Link: List of Hedge Fund Prime Brokers

Capital introduction is usually the phrase that refers to the introductions that prime brokerage houses will make on behalf of their money managers to help raise their assets under management. Some prime brokerage houses will have several capital introduction professionals in house or a whole team dedicated to the work. The prime broker gets paid through trades made by the manager so the more assets they have under management the more they will get paid each quarter on those larger trades.

Most capital introduction professionals are paid on salary and bonus on overall trading activity and not on earning a percentage of fees from assets raised like a third party marketer. Capital introduction services have came under some scrutiny lately and there are talks of it going away completely due to a conflict of interests. Below are three links to help you learn more about capital introduction services in general.

If you are looking for a prime broker, capital introduction, or third party marketing services let me know and I can help you network and find a group that might work well for your situation.

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Interested in hedge fund marketing? Read dozens of more hedge fund marketing & sales articles along with details on third party marketing within the Hedge Fund Marketing Guide.

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