Hedge Funds Buying Equities

Hedge Funds Buying Equities

Hedge Funds Buy Equities at Quickest Pace Since 2007

As we reported last week, equity hedge funds made the most gains in March with an average of 3.5%.  New research found that hedge funds are buying equities at the fastest pace since 2007.  Although most investors have turned away from traditional stocks during the financial crisis, many hedge fund managers are turning more and more to equities. 
Stocks that have been shunned during the financial crisis by most investors are now being snapped up by the hedge funds who are looking to take a series of contrarian bets on the market, according to fresh research.
Researchers at UBS, who have analysed data from the Swiss bank's prime brokerage unit, said the funds started buying into the market earlier this year, at a time when traditional institutional fund managers had become big sellers of equities.
UBS, which has one of the biggest prime brokerage units in the word that deals with hedge fund services, found that banks have been the biggest target of hedge fund share buying over the past month, signalling a recovery in the sector. Although hedge funds remain net sellers of financial sector stocks with shorts outweighing long positions, this will soon be reversed based on current trends, according to the analysts.  Source

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