Hedge Fund Total Assets 2009

Hedge Fund Total Assets 2009

Hedge Funds' Total Assets Increase 17% in 2009

It appears we have a clear estimate of just how much hedge fund assets increased in 2009.  According to International Financial Services London, hedge funds assets increased 17% in 2009 riding high returns and a dramatic turnaround following the financial crisis.  The estimate comes as the European Union is considering stiff regulations that the UK (which makes up 20% of hedge fund assets) largely opposes.
Hedge funds managed US$1.7 trillion at the end of last year, according to International Financial Services London. And that firm’s hometown accounts for 20% of that total, more than double its share a decade ago, although it is unclear what effect higher taxes in the U.K. and tighter regulations in the European Union will have on the British hedge fund industry.
All of the increase in hedge fund assets are attributable to performance last year—the nearly 20% return of the average hedge fund offset a net outflow from the industry of US$85 billion.
The same could hardly be said for funds of hedge funds. Their combined assets are down to about US$500 billion, 17% less than at the end of 2008 and 40% less than their peak two years ago.  Source

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