Capital Introductions

Capital Introductions

Capital Introductions Event

Capital Introductions, Hedge Fund Prime Brokerage Capital IntroductionsThere is an upcoming capital introductions event coming up next week being hosted by Shoreline Trading. The 3 main topics being discussed will include:

            • Developing distribution channels for hedge funds in the RIA market space

            • Propietary risk-managed investment structures that provide synthetic exposure to single investment strategies with limited capital risk and the potential for enhanced after tax returns

            • Technology that helps hedge fund managers find, serve and support investors
            This event is going to be held at the Down Town Association on Pine Street this next Wednesday June 11th starting at 5:30PM. If you would like to go or have any questions about this event please send an email to Mike Murray at

            Please see below for additional videos, definitions, service lists and articles on prime brokerage & capital introduction trends.

            - Richard

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