Hedge Funds in Ireland

Hedge Funds in Ireland

Irish Hedge Fund Interview

Hedge Funds in IrelandI completed a hedge fund interview with an Irish business and finance magazine yesterday about an article they are writing on the health of the hedge fund industry and specifically on hedge funds in Ireland. Apparently the financial times had written an article about the “death of hedge funds” and how they will be disappearing completely. Personally, I believe the Financial Times themselves is more likely to be vaporized than the hedge fund industry. Here is why:
  1. 15,000+ hedge funds with over 45% of them located in geographically diverse locations outside of London and New York
  2. Over 250 distinct investment strategies which react differently to market events, regulations, etc.
  3. The hedge fund industry if fluid, if one or two governments increase regulations to any large extent the new hedge funds will simply be setup somewhere else and that government will loose some of its potential tax base
  4. The term “hedge fund” is loosely applied to many types of investment vehicles and companies now and seems to be growing in popularity by the day. This in itself, for better or worse, provides additional diversity of investment strategies and processes
  5. Hedge funds have been outperforming many long only benchmarks in strong bull markets and recent bear markets. I don’t think anyone is predicting the disappearance of mutual funds or ETFs any time soon.
  6. Hedge funds are being used by the ultra wealthy and institutional investor crowd more each quarter. Usually products adapted by institutions tend to trickle down to the broader retail market after 3-5 years so I only see the trend of investing in hedge funds to increase, even if the SEC slows this trend down in the United States.
- Richard

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