John Corzine's Hedge Fund

Ex-Governor and U.S. Senator John Corzine Adds New Title to His Resume — Hedge Fund Owner

Former governor and U.S. Senator John Corzine is planning to launch own hedge fund in recent months, people familiar with the matter told WSJ.
The fund would start with cash from Mr. Corzine’s personal wealth and a handful of outside investors. Mr. Corzine said he had been speaking with about a half-dozen potential investors, and projected around $150 million in assets under management, one of the people said.
The plans are tentative and could evolve or fall apart in coming months. But a launch would mark an unlikely return to high finance for Mr. Corzine, the 68-year-old former Democratic U.S. senator and New Jersey governor who has stayed out of the limelight since commodities brokerage MF Global declared bankruptcy in 2011.
Mr. Corzine most likely wouldn’t be able to launch a fund until legal proceedings against him over MF Global have been resolved. Pretrial motions are expected to go at least until February of next year. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission in June 2013 filed civil charges against him and is still collecting evidence for a possible trial.
“Jon Corzine is not managing anybody’s money and has not asked a single investor to put money into a fund,” said Andrew Levander, a lawyer for Mr. Corzine. “He is gratified that others might want to invest with him.”
Source: Wall Street Journal

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