Activist Hedge Fund Returns

Activist Hedge Funds Attract $3.9 in New Net Assets during Q1 2015

Following to hedge-fund research firm HFR, activist hedge funds attracted $3.9 billion in new net assets during Q1 2015, along with investment gains that brings the aggregate activist war chest to $127.5 billion.
That’s a record aggregate total, and nearly double where the industry was at the end of 2012, when it had $65.5 billion.
That growth in the quarter shows that the asset class continues to draw attention from investors even with their coffers so full.
To put the first-quarter gain into perspective: Last year there were $14.2 billion in net asset flows, which eclipsed the net flows added in aggregate over the previous decade – which was dragged down by $16.6 billion in outflows in 2008 and 2009.
This year has started out on pace to top that. There was $3.5 billion added in the first quarter last year.
Still, 2015 would need a few more big quarters to top last year, when the second quarter saw $5.9 billion in inflows and the fourth quarter saw $4.1 billion, the two highest three-month totals in HFR’s records.
Activism remains a relatively tiny space compared to the broader hedge fund industry where there is $2.94 trillion in total assets, according to HFR.
Source: Wall Street Journal

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