Free 90 Minute Hedge Fund Career Webinar

Free 90 Minute Hedge Fund Career Webinar

I recently recorded a 90 minute webinar on hedge fund career strategies for a group of professionals looking to possibly join the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program and we have now released this webinar to the public making it free to watch here on our website:

This webinar will provide you with strategies on how to make more money in the industry, examples of how I and others got into the industry, how much money you can expect to make while working in the alternative investment space, and the formula that I have used to succeed in this industry.

By the way, I just finished up a trip to Europe (picture to the left was taken in Monaco) where I was speaking at a hedge fund conference, and while I was there I recorded 10 more video modules for the CHP Designation program.  If you are a member of HedgeFundPremium, then you can login and check them out as they get posted this week.

I hope you get a ton of value out of this free webinar,  take care.

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