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The #1 Rated Book on Investing!

Just getting back in the office here from a trip to Europe where I served as opening day chairman for the GAIM International 2011 conference and spoke on the topic of "$100,000 Hedge Fund Marketing Mistakes"  

The GAIM conference was held in Monaco where many family offices are based, the F1 race is held, and where cabbies drive around $100,000 Mercedes AMG coupes (picture on the left was taken in a cab on my way to the conference)

The conference was great, I met several CHP designation participants, family offices, and $1B+ hedge fund managers.  It was fun to be able to meet and welcome to the stage Nassim Nicholas Taleb who wrote "The Black Swan."

The #1 Investing Book Rating Title: While traveling Wiley contacted me yesterday to congratulate me on the success of the sales of my hardcover book that I wrote last year on capital raising and hedge fund management.  While checking on my sales data in the Kindle Store for the book I saw that it is now the #1 Most Highly Rated Investing Book on

Thank you for your support in reading my blog and book!  I feel very fortunate and grateful for all of your support and comments over the past few years.  If you have purchased my book please look for the coupon section at the back of the book, this is how you can save money if you are looking at attending our live workshops or using our capital raising resources or training videos. 

Kindle Release: For you iPad addicts, my book is now available in Kindle edition as well as hardcover and it can be picked up here:

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