Hedge Fund Seeding Funds

Hedge Fund Seeding Funds

Tough Competition for Hedge Fund Seeding Funds' Capital

Hedge fund startups are in heated competition for the select group of hedge fund seeding funds. Hedge fund seeding funds provide the capital needed to launch a hedge fund and there are a high number of traders and managers looking to open their own hedge fund. DealBook has a great story on hedge fund seeding funds and how would-be start-ups compete for the startup capital.
He oversees a seeding fund at PineBridge Investments, which means he provides cash for hedge fund start-ups whose managers harbor dreams of becoming the next Steven A. Cohen or John A. Paulson.

While seeding funds have been around for the better part of two decades, they are staging a recovery as more prospective fund managers spill into the market but struggle to attract investors.

Executives at seeding funds say it has never been easier to find talented hedge fund managers eager for cash.

“This is probably the best environment I’ve seen since I started in the business back in 1988,” said Mark Jurish of Larch Lane Advisors, which is PineBridge’s seeding partner.
DESCRIPTIONChester Higgins Jr./The New York Times Robert T. Discolo, right, of PineBridge Investments, with Mark Jurish of Larch Lane Advisors. Together, the two firms are now creating a $1 billion seeding vehicle.

The hard part, however, is finding great investment strategies and backing funds that will not wilt and die. Source

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