Start A Hedge Fund

Start A Hedge Fund

Concise Guide on How to Start a Hedge Fund

start a hedge fund
I have advised and worked with over 400 hedge fund startups of all different strategies and geographical locations and we have identified capital raising strategies, best practices, and the most common mistakes made by emerging hedge fund managers.

We have captured our consulting advice and over 100 hedge fund startup lessons within our e-book, "Start A Hedge Fund Now."

Within This Book You Will Receive:
  • An open transcript of an interview with an established hedge fund manager who provides advice on what he learned while launching his hedge fund
  • A detailed break-down of the types of service proivders and business parnters you will need to work with within your hedge fund business
  • Direct capital raising consulting advice on how to raise capital for a new hedge fund business
  • The Top 10 Common $10,000 mistakes often made every day by new hedge funds and our advice on how to avoid these mistakes
  • A guide to writing your hedge fund business plan
  • Strategies on how to upgrade the pedigree, credentials, and education of your team
  • 17 direct lessons from successful fast growing hedge fund businesses that you can use within your new hedge fund
This E-Book PDF Also Provides You With:
  • Guides to understanding, interviewing, and selecting prime brokers, incubation programs, administrators, third party marketers, formation attorneys, and compliance consultants
  • Dense and Concise 35 pages of pure hedge fund startup advice that won't take you all year to read and put to use
  • Email marketing best practices to employ while speaking to potential investors
  • Why many hedge fund marketing tactics waste time and money and a breakdown on what these top 10 capital raising mistakes are so you may avoid them in your business
  • Section-by-Section instructions and tips for creating your PowerPoint pitch book that is expected or required to raise capital from every type of investor

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Kenneth Nodes, President of HillStone Capital Managment, LLC "Thanks for letting me read your e-book. The information was both timely and useful. We are in the process of setting our new fund and where able to plainly see the areas that we needed to focus more attention on. This book is both straight forward and pertinent to anyone looking to setup a fund."

Robert Donnelly, Managing Partner of JDS Global Partners, LLC "Start a Hedge Fund Now is an incredible value, well worth the money, and the time. I have spent hours upon hours reading material on starting a hedge fund. This book took me less than an hour to read, and got 10 times the value compared to other sources. Richard Wilson truly knows about the challenges and mistakes that are made starting a hedge fund, and has provided an incredibly valuable guide to being successful."

Anmol Chattha, Trader, "This book should be required reading for everyone from the start up hedge fund manager to the experienced hedge fund veteran. The information is presented in a very condensed and detailed manner with multiple insider perspectives on the industry."

Douglas MacLean, Armor Compliance"Great insight into various facets of the hedge fund industry. Provides helpful guidance to start-up managers about how to operate and not operate their hedge funds.

Ron Jacob, Managing Partner of JDS Global Partners, LLC "this is a must read for any entrepreneur looking to get started in the world of hedge funds. The information you provided was invaluable and something most people only learn through mistakes. Thanks for steering us in the right direction!"

Note: Above are quotes from professionals who have read our e-book over the past few months. Please note that the first six professionals listed were sent a free copy of the e-book to review but were not compensated in any way or rewarded for providing us with positive feedback. All testimonials may be verified or certified by any part by emailing us at

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