How to Write a Hedge Fund Resume

How to Create a Hedge Fund Resume

I did a quick interview with a WSJ sponsored career website called Fins a few weeks ago on how to write a solid resume for the hedge fund industry.  I haven't published much here on hedge fund careers lately so I though this resume building piece may be helpful to some, here is an excerpt and link:
Getting your resume to the top of the pile at a hedge fund can be tricky -- many are small elite firms that see a slew of top candidates. But taking the time to perfect your resume can yield great rewards. For one, there are fewer gatekeepers at hedge funds. Hedge fund firms are sometimes only a handful of employees, so your resume can potentially grab the attention of a hiring manager right away, says Richard Wilson, a hedge fund trainer and consultant who is the president of the Hedge Fund Group, a professional trade association.
Below are a few tips to help you craft that perfect hedge fund resume. Also, check out an example of the perfect hedge fund resume, before and after.
With so many different hedge funds employing various investing strategies (and focusing on specific areas), it's important to find out exactly how you can apply your skills. For example, if you're applying to a biotech-focused hedge fund, highlight your science degree or specific experience in the field. If one hedge fund uses shorting make sure to point out your own shorting experience in a resume. Don't use broad terms in hopes of not alienating potential employers, says Barry Emen, founder of MJE Advisors, a recruiting firm in Florham Park, N.J., who works with hedge funds. "Go after the niche you're in -- you can't just decide that you'll do anything for anyone," says Emen.
Highlight Designations
Even if you don't have a top-tier MBA, designations like the Chartered Financial Analyst or Certified Hedge Fund Professional can help your resume standout. The certifications help show that you're motivated to work in hedge funds and that you are eager to keep learning and can do so easily. source

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