Raising Capital for a Fund Startup

This article below was first published on HedgeFundStartupGuru.com. Last week I moderated a panel discussion in new york on capital raising and how starting a fund is really starting a small business. The discussions were great and while everyone knows that capital is hard to raise some good tips and investor feedback came out of the event. We hope to do more of these in the future, stay tuned for Hedge Fund Group (HFG) event announcements for Chicago next month and Moscow, Russia this September. Below please find an article on hedge funds tar
The gyrating financial markets have proven difficult for even the most experienced alternative-investment managers to navigate over the last year, but startup hedge funds and commodity trading advisors now confront an even tougher challenge: convincing investors to entrust them with their money.

In the wake of 2008 - the hedge fund industry's worst year on record - fledgling funds face gun-shy investors and tougher competition for the assets that are available, amid a fickle market that has made it tough to put up the numbers that made hedge funds famous. Adding to the problem are the effects of ... source
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