Hedge Fund Startup Example | Why Start Now?

Hedge Fund Startup Example

A good article was put out by Dealbook this week on hedge fund startups, why they are launching funds right now and how they are doing. This particular article provides an example of a young fund in London ran by very experienced professionals in the industry. I think these types of articles are great as many articles put out on hedge funds today written about the whole industry and not on young hedge funds or about many individual funds, here is the excerpt from this article:

In a small office in London’s upscale West End, three veterans of high finance are getting ready to start their own hedge fund.

It’s a scene that was common enough in the world’s financial hubs during the boom years. But in the post-Lehman, post-Madoff and post-credit-crunch world, starting a hedge fund has become harder, riskier and potentially less lucrative. So why do it? That’s what DealBook recently asked Mahmood Noorani, one of the founding partners of the new London-based fund, Gyldmark Liquid Macro Fund.

“We think it presents an opportunity to finally do things right,” he said about the timing of the new venture. “And it was the events of 2008 that convinced us that the right time is now for what we want to do.”

Mr. Noorani, along with his partners, Alastair Hollingdale and George Hatjoullis, may represent the new face of the hedge fund start-up: arrogance and mystery are out; liquidity and transparency are in. source
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