Hedge Fund Investment Returns | 2009

Hedge Fund Returns

Hedge Fund Investment Returns

Hedge Fund Investment Returns | 2009Here is a short article excerpt from Bloomberg noting that hedge funds have just recently posted back to back positive returns over the past two months. This is the first time that this has happened in 8 months now - one of the first positive signs for the industry since early 2008. Here is a excerpt from the article:

Hedge funds posted their first back- to-back gain in eight months in January, rebounding from record losses in 2008 as North American managers benefited from betting stocks would fall, an industry report showed.

“I think what this is showing is that hedge funds have managed to shift their portfolios and they are effective in the current market conditions,” said Jennifer Carver, Hong Kong- based Asia chief executive officer at 3A SA, the alternative investment arm of Geneva-based Banque Syz & Co., that manages $3.5 billion worldwide. “We’re seeing a difference of what’s happening in the equity markets and bond markets and what’s happening in hedge funds, which is what should happen.” source

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