Top Hedge Fund Performers | Charts

Top Performers

Top Hedge Fund Performers

( Just saw these interesting tables over at SeekingAlpha and thought some readers here might find them interesting:

Listed Winners:
  • Conquest Macro Fund LTD
  • Tulip Trend Fund LTD
  • The Clive Fund
  • BlueTrend Fund, LTD
  • URSA Offshore Limited
  • Tudor Tensor Fund Limited
  • Waterstone Market Neutral OS Fund, LTD
  • Paulson Advantage Plus LTD
  • Horseman Global Fund USD
  • Comac Global Macro Fund
  • Graham GIF K4 Portfolio
  • Cipher Diversified Fund A
  • Paulson Credit Opportunities Fund LTD
  • Paulson Advantage LTD -A-
  • Artradas Barracuda Fund
  • Man AHL Diversified PLC
  • Eagle Global Fund
  • Mulvany Global Markets Fund LTD
  • Brevan Howard Fund, LTD USD Class A

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