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Obama Hedge Fund Regulation 2009

Here is a short video interview with Dan Alpert from Westwood Capital on hedge fund regulations which may come through Obama. The discussion revolves around forcing some hedge funds to be more transparent to regulators, hopefully in a way which does not expose hedge fund investment strategies to the general public. The video talks about how most people think regulation is in place to protect consumers, in this case most of the new regulation will be around protecting the financial system. The financial system needs protection from certain firms or funds which use leverage to the point of damaging the whole system should liquidity or capital ever dry up. If you are viewing this article over email please click here now to watch the video.

FinAlternatives wrote on this same topic earlier this week: ess than a week into his administration, the outlines of President Barack Obama’s plan to overhaul America’s financial regulatory systems are coming into focus. And it is becoming increasingly clear that the plan will involve some sort of mandatory hedge fund registration and surveillance.

Although most of his top economic advisers are still awaiting confirmation by the Senate—including Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner and Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman-designate Mary Schapiro—Obama is expected to offer details of his plans before traveling to London on April 2 for a Group of 20 meeting. The Obama administration is also laboring under an April 30 deadline—set by last year’s Emergency Economic Stabilization Act—to offer his regulatory recommendations to Congress. source

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