Hedge Fund Losses and Closures in 2008 2009

Hedge Fund Losses

Hedge Fund Losses in 2008 2009

Here is a video below on hedge fund asset losses and closures. While there is a small set of institutional investors investing in a number of opportunistic hedge funds most are still loosing assets each quarter. Many firms were profitable just 2-3 years ago and now have less assets to manage and little if any performance fees to collect. If you are reading this article over email through our daily hedge fund newsletter please click here to watch the embedded video below.

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Anonymous said...

Dec 2008 is more or less the bottom and from Jan 2009 onwards it should all be up and up. If the hedge funds always stick to the basic common sense approach of not becoming too greedy and leveraged, I think they would prove to be the catalyst for the much awaited recovery.

Richard Wilson said...

I hope it is the bottom. I agree that hedge funds may act as a catalyst and they will be there to capture returns when the market does eventually turn.

Thanks for your input.

- R

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