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The Schism | Marketing Hedge Fund Managers

( Yesterday I met with a leading investment / hedge fund marketing firm in downtown Boston. Within a few minutes the conversation quickly turned to a topic I often encounter - who do thousands of hedge fund managers turn to for marketing assistance.

Is there a great book on hedge fund marketing? No.

Are there third party marketers who eager to work with sub $25M funds? Not many.

I believe there is somewhat of a void between the $1M hedge fund startup and $25M hedge fund manager - every single of one of them is trying to raise assets but it is hard to receive any straight forward feedback on how exactly to do so. I have addressed this issue a bit by providing some resources within my Hedge Fund Marketing Guide and Hedge Fund Startup Tools sections of this blog but I am just starting to publish more within these two areas.

If anyone would like to submit a guest article providing marketing tips or startup advice to that would be great, otherwise please stay tuned for additional educational articles which will be coming out over the next few months.

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