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Alaska Hedge Fund Guide

Guide to Hedge Funds in Alaska

As part of our Hedge Fund Geographical Guide, below is a short but growing collection of news articles and facts regarding hedge funds in Alaska.

Resource #1: A former top executive at hedge fund Tahoma Capital has been named chief investment officer of The Alaska Permanent Fund. Jeffrey Scott will join the Juneau-based semi-public fund next month. Scott served as CEO and CIO of Bellevue, Wash.-based Tahoma from 2005 until 2007 Source

Resource #2: This is the home page for the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. A great recourse if interested in background information in addition to history, contacts, and employment Source

Resource #3: Global market conditions weighed heavily on the Alaska Permanent Fund, which lost 8.5% in the first quarter of the fiscal year as its hedge fund holdings declined. The fund’s absolute return portfolio fell 9.1% and its U.S. stock portfolio dropped 8.1%. Real estate had the only positive return for the portfolio, returning 0.2% for the quarter Source

Resource #4: Another good article about the Alaska Permanent Fund: In the past, News-Miner articles by former writer Fred Pratt were marvelous and devoted witness reports to the evolution and progress of the Alaska Permanent Fund. I miss Fred’s probing and dedicated writing about all things related to the Permanent Fund. Fred dutifully attended Permanent Fund board meetings and told us what was of importance when we needed to know. Since this year’s PFD is the biggest ever and it is arriving early, more people may want to know more about this wonder. I always enjoy looking at its record and seeing the patterns. It is good to keep an eye on such a wondrous public pile of money. Our Permanent Fund board is good, but nothing tops someone with a critical eye and a head for numbers, doing what Plato asked of Socrates: “Who is watching the watchers?” Source

Resource #5: Alaska Permanent Fund investments had a negative 8.5 percent return during the July-September quarter thanks to sagging stock markets, said officials of the state oil-wealth savings account. The fund value fell to $33 billion on Sept. 30, the end of the quarter Source

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