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Email Newsletter Tool

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Even though almost everyone uses email now not many firms in the hedge fund industry provide a consistent weekly, monthly or even quarterly email newsletter. Why? Because it takes a little bit of trial and error and some consistent work to produce the fresh content for each new issue.

Providing an email newsletter can provide a competitive advantage for your firm as you are able to keep on top of minds of prospects, be seen as a thought leader in your space, have your newsletter forwarded on to other prospects and show your level of niche expertise. I have found email newsletter by the best way to keep in touch with everyone that I have met through this hedge fund blog, my Hedge Fund Blog Book downloads and Hedge Fund Group (HFG).

One of the leading email newsletter management firms is Aweber. Aweber is used by over 1,000 firms worldwide and I have been satisfied with their easy-to-use service and quick online customer service. It is relatively easy to get started. After playing around with settings for 20-30 minutes most people would be ready to test sending out their own email newsletter using one of their graphical templates or just using traditional plain text formatting:

Click here now to see what they offer: Aweber Email Newsletter Services

Note: Certain restrictions apply to email advertisements or newsletters if you are a hedge fund manager or offer certain types of investment advice, recommendations, etc. Please consult a legal expert or in-house compliance counsel for advice before starting your email campaign.

- Richard

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