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Prime Brokerage Sales

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Prime Brokerage Sales, Prime Broker Sales, Prime Broker SalesWhile the credit crisis has hurt most financial firms, some boutique prime brokers have benefited. As hedge funds look out for their best interest, smaller prime brokerage shops are becoming more attractive than the largest firms. As major brokers reduce their less-profitable hedge fund accounts, boutique primes take on these clients. Another opportunity for boutiques is that the big firms are cutting back on staff, making it easy to attract seasoned talent to join the smaller firms. Many of these veterans bring some clients with them too.

The credit crisis has in many ways helped boutique prime brokers, but it has also hurt their capital introduction capabilities. A recent FINalternatives survey revealed that over a third of all hedge funds rated their prime broker's capital capabilities as "poor". But the survey also showed that nearly 75% of hedge fund managers that called their prime broker's personal service "poor" are shopping for a new one. Many average-size funds are not given the attention from big firms that the smaller prime brokers promise; and as long as this neglect continues, boutique prime brokers will thrive.

- Richard

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