Get a Job at a Hedge Fund

Get a Hedge Fund Job

Get a Job at a Hedge Fund

How to get a job at a hedge fundI recently wrote a hedge fund career related article for on how to get a job at a hedge fund. This is a short two page article which details from my experience what tangible steps one can take to work in the hedge fund industry. The steps I suggest include:

  1. Make sure you really want to get a hedge fund job
  2. Become a student of the hedge fund industry
  3. Use the 3 circles strategy for your career decision making progress
  4. Identify several mentors to help you secure a hedge fund job
  5. Complete multiple hedge fund internships
  6. Develop your unique value proposition
  7. Hedge fund job tips
  8. Land the unadvertised hedge fund job
  9. Consider hedge fund service provider jobs
  10. Apply to hedge fund jobs
To read the advice given under each of these 10 sections please read the full 2 page hedge fund career advice article here:

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- Richard

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