Dark Liquidity Pools

Dark Liquidity Pools

Dark Pools Video

Here is a recent video I found on the state of dark liquidity pools from Reuters.

"Dark liquidity pools are basically internal systems for trading stocks privately, off of public exchanges and out of the public eye. They are growing rapidly, both in number and in volume of trades.

Behind the boom in dark pools are large hedge funds and institutional clients that want to build and liquidate large stock positions at lower costs, while also being shielded from those who might profit by knowing their intentions." (read more of this article on dark pools here)

I don't have any great white papers or factual reports on dark pools yet, if you have a few online resources you could share with me and the other readers of this blog please email me at Richard@Richardcwilson.com.

Additional Dark Pool Resources:

Tired of reading articles? Watch more videos like this one above within the Hedge Fund Videos Directory.

- Richard

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