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hedge fund news, hedge funds news I decided early on that instead of competing with the 82 other hedge fund websites pumping out news by the hour I would leave that up to the professionals that have been doing a great job at this over the past several years.

I try to focus 80-90% of my articles on educational articles, trend analysis, book reviews, interviews and strategy explanations. For those of you who are looking for the best sources on hedge fund news here are my top 7 recommendations:

  1. Google News
  2. Albourne Village
  3. FINAlternatives
  4. HedgeCo
  5. Hedge Fund News Weblog
  6. Fintag
  7. Energy View points
I would avoid HedgeWorld and other smaller hedge fund news sites because they a simply re often a re-production of what you can find within the above list. If anyone has a niche hedge fund news website they would like added here or considered for my list of the Top 50 Hedge Fund Websites, let me know. My email address is Richard@RichardCWilson.com.

- Richard

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