Largest Hedge Funds

Largest Hedge Funds

The largest 2.3% hedge funds make up almost 50% of total hedge fund assets

Largest Hedge FundsA recent article by the FT noted that the top 350 hedge funds make up almost half of the $2 Trillion hedge fund industry. With 15,000 hedge funds in existence this means that 2.3% of all hedge funds make up almost 50% of total assets in hedge fund investments. At the same time almost 40% of all hedge funds have under $25 Million under management.

Meredith Jones, managing director, said the slowdown in launches was a sign of the industry maturing. "In addition, the decrease in new fund launches reflects the asset flow trends in the industry since, in many cases, assets flow to larger established hedge funds and fund of hedge funds, which is somewhat of a deterrent for new entrants into the marketplace."

Despite this trend related to the largest hedge funds new funds are still be launched on almost a daily basis here in the US. In the first two months of this year I have heard over 50 investment professionals who intend on launching a hedge fund in 2008.

- Richard

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Article Source: FT
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