Hedge Fund Foundations

Hedge Fund Foundations

Hedge Fund Foundations List

Hedge Fund FoundationsMany hedge funds have setup foundations to help manage their money and make sure their donations are put to use as they see fit. There over 50 of these hedge fund foundations up and running with over $4B in total assets under management. Their numbers and influence will continue to grow as the hedge fund industry surpasses the $3 trillion in total assets under management mark. My Paulson and company will start a foundation in 2008...

The Top 5 US Hedge Fund Foundations Include:

  1. Open Society Institute ran by George Soros
  2. Robertson Financial ran by Julian Robertson
  3. The Simons Foundation ran by Jim Simons
  4. Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust ran by Robert Wilson
  5. T. Boone Pickens Foundation ran by Boone Pickens
Another noteworthy hedge fund foundation is the Robin Hood Foundation which has received a lot of recent press attention and was started by Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Fund Management.

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