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africa hedge funds The hedge fund industry in Africa is relatively small, there are only a few dozen funds located on the whole continent. One of my first jobs in the hedge fund industry was actually working on finding institutional investors for a South African based hedge fund of fund.

Nowdays institutions, sophisticated family offices and local high net worth individuals are taking the lead on investing in African based hedge funds. Many are looking to Africa more often as PEs in Asia expand and rumors of a "China bubble" have emerged. Many investors have settled on investing in African based hedge fund of funds as the nature of it usually provides a less volatile exposure to these frontier economies.

8 African Hedge Fund Articles

The Regulatory Environment for South African Hedge Funds
South African Hedge Fund Survey
Top Performing Hedge Funds in South Africa
South African Hedge Fund Index Launched
Africa/Asia Hedge Fund Report
Hedge Funds in Africa Conference Brochure (Good for finding names)
South Africa Hedge Fund Report
South Africa Hedge Fund Regulation Report

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