Hedge Fund List

Hedge Fund List

A Hedge Fund List

Hedge Fund List: Thanks to a member of one of our online networking groups I recently found this list of hedge funds by state. This list is not complete and the industry changes so rapidly it is surely becoming more outdated each month, that said it is hard to find this information online so hopefully this may help you.

If you are looking for a Hedge Fund Manager Directory please visit Hedge Fund Directory Pro.com

The list below is a free list which does NOT contain contact details of hedge funds. If you are looking for a list of hedge funds with contact details please see this page which has links to many lists of hedge funds with full contact details for less than $70 each: Lists of Hedge Fund Managers with Contact Details.



Badon Hill Asset Management, L.L.C.
Basso Capital Management, L.P.
Blue Orchid Capital
Bridgewater Associates Inc
DCF Capital
Diamondback Advisors CT, LLC
Dune Partners, L.L.C.
Fossel Capital
JD Capital Management, L.L.C.
Kideral International
Lone Pine Capital, L.L.C.
Monitor Capital, Inc.
Newbury Partners, L.L.C.
Norfolk Markets
North Sound Capital
Norton Capital Management, LLC
P.A.W. Partners
Pirate Capital, L.L.C.
Renaissance Investors, LLC
SAC Capital Advisors, L.L.C.
Sageview Capital, L.L.C.
Silvermine Partners, L.L.C.
Sky Investments
SkyWorks Leasing, LLC
Strategic Value Partners, L.L.C.
The Patriot Group, L.L.C.
Tontine Capital Partners, L.P.
Tudor Investment Corporation
Viking Global Investors, L.P.
Weston Capital Management, L.L.C.
XT Capital Partners, L.L.C.
Balyasny Asset Management
Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C.
Eagle Marekt Makers
Evanston Capital Management, L.L.C.
Frontaura Capital, LLC
Group One Trading, L.P.
Ritchie Captial
Sanborn & Kilcollin Partners, L.L.C.
Sidley Austin, L.L.P.
Adamas Partners, L.L.C.
Babson Capital Management, L.L.C.
Cambridge Place Investment Management, L.L.P.
Convexity Capital Management, L.P.
FDO Partners, L.L.C.
Fidelity Investments
Fred C. Church Inc.
Fresco Faux Finishing
FTN Midwest Securities
Highland Capital Partners
IBS Capital Corporation
Kendall Investments, L.L.C.
North Bay Capital Management, L.P.
Nyes Ledge Capital Management
O.A.K. Associates
Old Mutual Asset Management
Pine Cobble Capital
Robeco Boston Partners Asset Management
Sankaty Advisors, L.L.C.
Sirios Capital Management, L.P.
Sonar Capital Management, L.L.C.
TA Associates
Thomas H. Lee Partners, LP
Tidal Capital Management, L.L.C.
Tudor Investment Corporation
Wellington Management Co., L.L.P.

Apollo Management, L.P.
Arden Asset Management, L.L.C.
Aristeia Capital
Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder Advisers, L.L.C.
Arnold and Porter, L.L.P.
Asset Alliance
Auda Advisor Associates, L.L.C.
Avenue Capital Group
Barclays Capital
BlueBay Asset Management, Plc
BlueMountain Capital Mngmt, L.P.
Cantillon Capital Management, L.L.C.
Cantor, Weiss & Wurm Asset Management
Capital Z Investment Partners
Capra Asset Management, Inc.
Caxton Associates, L.L.C.
Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.
Clear Asset Management, Inc.
Clearpoint Learning Systems
Copper Arch Capital, L.L.C.
Corbin Capital Partners
D. E. Shaw and Company, L.P.
D.B. Zwirn & Co., L.P.
DiMaio Ahmad Capital
Drake Management, L.L.C.
Elliott Associates, L.P.
Eminence Capital
Endeavor Talent Agency
Evercore Partners
Fairfield Greenwich Advisors, L.L.C.
Fortress Investment Group
Fursa Alternative Strategies, L.L.C.
Glenrock Asset Management
GLG Partners
Golden Tree InSite Partners
GoldenTree Asset Management
Gravity Capital Management, L.L.C.
Greenlight Capital, Inc.
Group One Trading, L.P.
GSO Capital Partners
Harvest Volatility Management, LLC
HBK Capital Management
HealthCor Management
HFR Asset Management
Highbridge Capital Management
Icahn & Co.
Icahn Management, L.P.
IntroPLAY, L.L.C.
J. J. Newport Group, Inc.
JL Advisors, L.L.C.
Kepler Asset Management
Kingdom Ridge Capital, LLC
Kingdon Capital Management, L.L.C.
Knight Capital Group
Knott Partners, L.P.
Magnetar Capital
MAK Capital
Marathon Asset Management, L.L.C.
Maverick Capital, Ltd.
MFP Investors, LLC
Miura Global Partners
Narragansett Asset Management, L.L.C.
North Sea Capital Management
North Shore Asset Management, L.L.C.
Oaktree Capital Management, L.L.C.
Och-Ziff Capital
Octavian Advisors, L.P.
Olympia Capital Management
OpHedge Investment Services
Ospraie Advisors
Ospraie Management LLC
Penson GHCO
Pequot Capital Management, Inc.
Perella Weinberg Partners
Phoenix Partners Group
PixiesDidIt!, Inc.
PV Capital Management
Quest Select Capital Management
RBC Capital Markets
Rosenblum Silverman Sutton NY, Inc.
Royal Capital Management, L.L.C.
SAB Capital Management, L.P.
Sandell Asset Management Corp.
Schottenfeld Qualified Assoc L.P.
Seminole Management Company, Inc.
Sigam Capital Management, LLC
Silver Creek Capital Management, L.L.C.
Sire Management Corporation
Spring Mountain Capital
Steadfast Financial, L.L.C.
Straus Asset Management, L.L.C.
Taconic Capital Advisors, L.P.
Tailwind Capital Partners, L.L.C.
TCS Capital Management, L.L.C.
The Archstone Partnerships
Third Point Management Company
TM Capital Management, Inc.
TPG Capital
Trafelet & Company, L.L.C.
Trillium Trading, L.L.C.
Trivium Capital Management
Two Sigma Investments, L.L.C.
Tyndall Management, L.L.P.
Tyndall Management, L.L.P.
Union Bancaire Private Asset Mngmt
Voyager Management, L.L.C.
W. R. Hambrecht & Co.
West Side Advisors
York Capital Management

The following is a list of hedge funds with links to their individual websites.
  • The Abernathy Group - Long/Short equity alternative asset management firm located in New York City.
  • Absolute Capital investments - An alternative investment management firm specialising in hedge fund and structured debt products. Their proprietary investment process, is designed to combine non-traditional investment strategies to achieve our absolute return objectives.
  • Adair Capital LLC - Private research and alternative investment firm specializing in hedge fund of funds.
  • Aerodynamic Investments Inc - An offshore and domestic hedge fund with extensive chart libraries to learn about technical analysis.
  • Aida Capital International - Company manages diversified portfolios of investments in hedge funds.
  • A.I.M. Trading - Investment management firm offering an offshore fund, 3R Ltd., a Cayman Island corporation administered by Trinity Fund Administration Limited.
  • Altegris Investments - Hedge funds, managed futures and alternative investment products and services to help high net worth individuals and institutions build diversified portfolios.
  • Alter Capital - Offers a club solution to selected individuals looking for access toward alternative assets, hedge funds and venture capital.
  • Alternative Investment Strategies - An investment trust that is a listed in the UK. It is a globally diversified, multi-manager fund of hedge funds.
  • ALT-FX Limited - Australian based hedge fund manager regulated and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission(ASIC). Runs a FX hedge fund domiciled in the Cayman Islands.
  • Arden Asset Management - Investment Manager that offers resources for managing fund of hedge fund portfolios.
  • Armajaro Asset Management - Manager of the Coolum Fund (a Pan European equity long/short market neutral strategy), Armajaro Commodities Fund (a pure commodities fund managed on a discretionary basis)and they are currently establishing a Fund of Hedge Funds.
  • Around the Clock Trading and Capital Management, LLC - A domestic market neutral Hedge Fund limited to accredited investors.
  • Artradis Fund Management - An absolute return asset management company focused on delivering above average, risk adjusted returns in Asian markets.
  • ASA Home page - Money manager delivering non-correlated, absolute returns to its qualified investors. The Funds seek to maximize after tax, risk-adjusted returns.
  • Aspect Capital UK - Alternative investment manager for institutions and wealthy individuals. Portfolios independent of stock and bond market indices.
  • Asset Value Investors Limited - Money management firm established in 1985 to manage the assets of British Empire Securities & General Trust plc. In 2004 formed a US entity for managing US funds.
  • Aster-X Capital Management BV - Hedgefund manager, alternative investments based in Amsterdam
  • BlueCrest Capital Management - Hedge fund manager contact details, and password-protected information for investors.
  • BluMont Capital - Canadian hedge fund company.
  • Bonita Capital Management, LLC - A private investment management organization dedicated to market-neutral investing.
  • Burlingame Asset Management - Manages Burlingame Equity Investors (BAM-I), a long-short value-oriented hedge fund.
  • Cadogan Management, LLC - Private investment management and research specializing in hedge fund-of-funds.
  • Camomille Associates Limited - Offers two open-ended investment products, the Camomille Global Macro Fund and the Momentum Global Fixed Income Fund.
  • Cannonball Fund - A conservative fund of hedge funds that seeks to perserve capital across varied market conditions and to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with limited correlation to major financial markets, through a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach to investing.
  • Capital Fund Management - Paris based manager specialised in statistical arbitrage on futures,equities and options.
  • Carnegie WorldWide Long/Short - Long/short fund whose primary objective is to deliver positive returns every year. The Fund's managers will seek to deliver the highest possible return taking into account the primary objective and with the 3-month money market rate as benchmark.
  • Commerce Asset Fund Managers - Money manager for leading corporations, insurance, pension & unit trust funds and Government institutions. With paid up capital of RM5.5 million and authorised capital of RM10 million, funds are managed by a group of dedicated investment professionals with a combination of domestic and international expertise in the funds management industry.
  • CooperNeff - Proprietary trading and fund management.
  • creInvest: access to non traditional investments - Company listed on Swiss Exchange that gives its investors access to a diversified, professionally managed portfolio of international hedge funds.
  • CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Indices - Provides hedge fund indice and subindice performance and analytics.
  • Culross Global Management Limited - A Fund of Funds manager specialising in themed portfolios of Hedge funds.
  • Cupps Capital Management - Site includes a description of CCM's investment strategy, investment process and historical returns.
  • CyberFund, LLC - A value oriented private investment fund managed by Hammer Capital Management,Inc. They look to participate in the growth of the computer, telecommunications and advancing technology industries through a diversified portfolio.
  • Deutsche Asset Management Australia - An Australia only fund manager offering individuals, financial advisers, institutions and private investors a full range of investment products and services
  • Deutsche Bank Absolute Return Strategies - Global Hedge fund manangement business of Deutsche Bank.
  • DFL Financial Services SA - Swiss financial company which specializes in offering financial services to institutional and private investors in all derivative and cash markets.
  • DRC Capital, Ltd. - Venture capital fund investments in alternative energy, nanotechnology, American inventors, entrepreneurs, oil and gas, gold, real estate.
  • Eagle Rock Diversified Investment Fund - Hedge Fund managed by Eagle Rock Partners. An exclusive membership-driven Hedge Fund Opportunity, for accredited potential individual, IRA, pension, corporate, trust, endowment, and family office investors
  • Eclectica Asset Management - Founded in 2005 by two ex-partners of Odey Asset Management. It was established on the premise of performance-driven absolute return investing.
  • Eiger Capital Limited - A credit research intensive investment manager specialising in the management of collateralised debt obligations, structured investment vehicles, and institutional corporate bond and asset-backed securities portfolios.
  • EIM Group - Manager specialising in tailor-made Funds of Hedge Funds portfolios. A privately owned firm which prides itself on working independently and objectively.
  • Endevon Capital, LLC - Manages multi-manager hedge fund portfolios for private clients, family offices and small institutions.
  • Epic Capital Management Inc. - A long/short equity hedge fund. Our goal is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. The fund is managed by Dave Fawcett and Tom Schenkel.
  • Everest Capital - A global investment advisory firm managing over $2 billion in a family of hedge funds for institutional and high net worth clients.
  • EWorld Fund Management LLC - Specialized technology hedge fund.
  • Fabien Pictet & Partners Ltd - Funds managed: FPP Emerging Hedge Fund I (Global, Absolute Return); FPP Emerging Markets Fund II (Global, Relative to MSCI); The 395 Fund (European Emerging Markets, Absolute Return; GEMs Bond Fund (Global Emerging Markets Absolute Return. Total AUM $200m USD.
  • Ferrell Capital Management - Manager of a Multistrategy Fund of Hedge Funds / Absolute Return Strategy. The fund features controlled risk, consistant compounded returns and a low correlation to the S&P500 Index. The firm specializes in risk management.
  • Finvest Primer - A long/short hedge fund which focuses on absolute returns regardless of market conditions.
  • Fix Asset Management - Company specialises in the management of alternative investment portfolios since 1984.
  • FMG - Fund managers limited - Selects the world's leading money managers and offers institutions and private investors a simple, effective and low-risk way to invest with them.
  • Fundana Group - Investment advisors based in Geneva that advise on Fund of Fund products.
  • Futuris Asset Management - Futuris Asset Management AB managers of the Swedish hedge fund FUTURIS
  • Global Equities Management - An asset management firm specialized in Emerging Markets.
  • Gordon Asset Management - A New York based firm which manages hedge fund of funds.
  • Guaranteed Returns Diversified, Inc. (GRDI) - Guaranteed consistent high returns. (SEC warning for individual investors)
  • Guidance Capital - Alternative investment manager offering hedge fund of funds. The firm offers a variety of products focusing on absolute return as well as long biased equities.
  • Hedge Fund - Absolute Value Fund, LLLP - An onshore hedge fund which utilizes a top-down value approach to investing.
  • The Hedge Fund Consistency Index Newsletter - Ranks and profiles on a risk-adjusted basis the most consistently performing Hedge Funds.
  • Highpoint Capital Advisors - A long/short equity hedge fund focused on absolute, risk-adjusted returns with low volatility
  • Hirst Investment Management Hedge Funds - Hedge Fund Manager.
  • IKOS Fund Management - Fund management for investments such as statistical arbitrage and global equity.
  • Indea Capital Pte Ltd - A Singapore based investment advisor which run Indea Absolute Return Fund , a hedge fund investing in India and Indian companies globally.
  • Intelligo Capital Corporation - An alternative investment fund based in Canada. They offer to meet the needs of institutions and high net worth individuals who are seeking to diversify their investment holdings. They focus their investment strategy on the following markets: foreign exchange, fixed income, and selective exchange traded index futures.
  • International Asset Management - Multi-manager of hedge funds based in the UK, offering alternative investment strategies to clients in UK, Europe, USA and rest of the world. - Site requires FLASH to view
  • Ion Partners LLC - High-net worth individuals and institutional investor hedge fund manager.
  • iPerform Investments - Hedge fund managers offering alternative investments to Canadians.
  • Joe Feshbach Partners, LLC - Palo Alto based fund, managed by Joe Feshbach. The fund uses a long only proprietary strategy (Crisis InvestingSM) to create value in small to mid-cap stocks.
  • Jon Sundt - Altegris Investments - Profile of hedge fund and managed futures firm president.
  • Joy Asset Management ltd. - A licensed Financial Service Advisor, Asset Management and Introducing Broker. They offer hedge funds and managed accounts.
  • Jupiter Asset Management - Hedge Funds - Offshore hedge funds with a team of fund managers.
  • KGR Capital - Asian fund of hedge funds in Asia. Low volatility. Absolute returns. Diversified portfolio. Capital growth and preservation.
  • Lampe, Conway & Co. LLC - Hedge Fund that specializes in distressed securities.
  • LGT Capital Partners and Castle - An alternative asset and fund-of-funds manager in Europe, managing private equity and hedge fund investments on a global basis. Castle Alternative Invest is a global portfolio of hedge funds. Castle Private Equity is a global portfolio of private equity partnerships.
  • Lindsell Train Limited - An independent Investment Management company that specialises in absolute return products.
  • The Man Group - Provider of alternative investment products and solutions as well as a futures broker.
  • Martin Quantitative, Inc. - Hedge Fund Manager - Alternative investments for accredited investors.
  • Mellon Global Alternative Investments - Provides information on MGAI's range of hedge fund of funds solutions.Web site contains sophisticated charting tools built specific to the alternative risk market.
  • Miton Investment Management - Investment advisor with fund of fund products.
  • MSS Capital - Multi fund manager, located in London and the Provider of Alternative Assets.
  • Newfield Partners LLC - A global distribution platform of world class hedge fund managers
  • Nikitsky Russia/CIS Opportunities Fund - A long-short, absolute return vehicle, aiming to profit from mispricings, misinformation, and misconceptions about the Russian Market.
  • Octagon Capital Management - A Singapore-based hedge fund company which adopts a quantitative approach to investing. They aim to generate superior absolute returns based on a disciplined quantitative investment process.
  • Odey Asset Management - European hedge fund manager with $550 million under management.
  • Old Hill Partners, Inc. - Registered Investment advisor that currently manages 5 fixed-income strategies. The firm invests primarily in highly collateralized fixed-income assets that are relatively short in duration.
  • Olsen Managed Accounts - Managed accounts as a liquid investment for retail market: site offers opportunity to invest in currency hedge fund program developed by Olsen Ltd, a sister company of OANDA.
  • Opportunity Hedge Fund - Fund which seeks growth of capital while tightly managing risk and volatility.
  • Optimation Investment Management - Optimation Investment Management LLC creates investment products for sophisticated investors to deploy capital in the world's equity, commodities, and foreign exchange markets. Manages the Black Swan Fund.
  • P2 Capital Partners, LLC: Investment Manager - Investment manager located in New York City.
  • Pantheon Capital Management - Mangers of Pantheon Partners, a conservative technology hedge fund in public stocks. Their stated goal is to maximize capital gains in both long and short positions. Leverage is rarely used.
  • Paradigm Global Advisors - Fund of hedge Funds - This site contains information regarding their theoretical and statistical approach to hedge fund investing. This site is a brief overview and introduction to their methodology. They were established in 1991.
  • Park Place Capital Limited - UK-based investment advisory firm specializing in European long/short equity hedge funds. Founded 1991.
  • Parkcentral Capital, LLP - An absolute return, relative value fund that invests in global fixed-income and equity-linked arbitrage opportunities.
  • Pentagram Investment Partners - An experienced asset management firm offering focused investment products in alternative and more traditional asset classes developed after comprehensive analysis of the global marketplace.
  • PrivateMortgageInvestment.com - High-yield private mortgage investment partnership.
  • Prodis Advisors SA - Alternative investment specialist.
  • Resolute Capital Growth Fund LTD - A British Virgin Island hedge fund offering low risk investment strategies.
  • Rigel Fund - Diversified fund focused on futures, foreign exchange and fixed income products.
  • Righthedge Investments LLC - A Canadian based hedge fund geared toward providing high Alpha,and low Beta by diversifying into different time frame horizons.
  • The RMF Investment Group - An independent Alternative Investment Advisor focused on Institutional Clients including insurance companies, banks, pension funds, large corporations and distribution intermediaries. Not available to US or UK residents.
  • SALUS ALPHA - An alternative strategies and fund of hedge funds manager headquartered in Europe.
  • Sanno Point Capital Management - Manager of a multistrategy hedge fund.
  • Sascam Global I - The first German Managed Futures Fund established under the legal form of an investment stock corporation with variable capital (the German equivalent to the Luxembourg SICAV), meeting all reporting and tax transparency criteria of the German Investment Act.
  • Scandium Management - An offshore hedge fund of funds that seeks above average risk adjusted returns with no correlation to equity or bond markets.
  • Schultze Assest Management, LLC. - Hedge fund management company. Specializes in the turnaround of bankrupt companies.
  • Shoval Asset Management - Manager of funds that invest in multiple hedge funds for high net worth and institutional investors.
  • Sigma Fund Sicav funds of hedge funds - Luxembourg Sicav comprising three absolute return funds of hedge funds: Sigma Fund Universal, Sigma Fund Valencia and Sigma Fund Man. Attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional assets.
  • SKIRITAI Capital LLC - Investment fund in small and microcap companies.
  • Sonz Partners - Hedge Fund established in 1986 by Paul D. Sonz.
  • SP Trader Investment Futures Growth Fund - Investment Futures Fund with $150mm under management.
  • Sprott Asset Management Inc. - Investment manager of hedge funds for high net worth individuals and institutional investors.
  • Staats Capital Management - A private investment fund focused on undervalued securities and arbitrage situations.
  • Stanfield Capital Partners - Specializes in providing credit based alternative investment strategies to investors globally.
  • SUPERFUND Hedge Funds - QUADRIGA - Hedge Funds for the private investor.
  • TechInvest - Australian based international equities manager. Focusing on investing globally in health care, information technology and telecommunications. Manager of long bias and market neutral long/short equity funds.
  • Turnstone Asset Management - Fund of hedge funds manager, focused on achieving absolute returns for its clients using "long / Short" strategies.
  • Uniastrum Capital Hedge Fund - UK based investment company specializes in alternative investments and managed futures.
  • Unicom Capital LLC - An investment management firm specializing in the global equities market.
  • Vision Investment Management: Hedge Fund Specialist in Asia - Asia based hedge fund specialist headquartered in Hong Kong that offers fund of fund products as well as proprietary hedge funds.
  • VN Capital Management, LLC - A non-registered investment advisory firm located in New York, New York that manages the VN Capital Fund I, LP, a Delaware based hedge fund that holds a concentrated portfolio of small-cap equities.
  • 4X Capital Management LLC - Global Macro manager offering absolute return directional strategies in global equities, futures (commodities and financial) and foreign exchange.
  • Zephyr Management - Asset management company with various international funds.
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