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I have written a free e-book on hedge funds called the Hedge Fund Blog Book.

Why is this hedge fund book free? I believe in doing business through giving value first and building long-term relationships more than collecting $2 royalties off of book sales.

This Hedge Fund E-Book is simply a compilation of some of my 3,500+ blog articles, interviews and resources on hedge funds made over the past couple of quarters. No work has been done to organize or edit this book at this point in time, but in the future I’ll try to construct rough chapters such as Hedge Fund Strategies, Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Hedge Fund Book Reviews, International Hedge Funds, etc. Once 100,000 have downloaded this free book I will publish the book in print.

Hedge Fund Book/Blog Feedback:
  • Great Book, it is hard to find hedge fund books that are easy to understand
  • I found your hedge fund book and blog, thank you for these resources
  • I have added your blog to my favorites, I will look at your hedge fund book once you get it in paperback form
  • You have a crazy blog, I just downloaded your hedge fund book and I hope we can talk after I get a chance to read through it
  • I downloaded your free hedge fund book please add me to your list of professionals who would pay for it in printed form

- Richard

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