Hedge Funds The Root of All Financial Evil?

Hedge Funds The Root of All Financial Evil?

Hedge Funds The Root of All Financial Evil?This is what could sometimes be construed by reading through various news publications reporting the fraudulent acts and losses that are well documented among the almost 10,000 hedge funds in existence today. Recently though hedge fund professionals and those outside the industry have been trying to correct this image.

The head of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) said that, "hedge funds were not the catalysts or drivers of this summer’s events.” Additionally the deputy governor of the Bank of England stated that “hedge funds have not been blown away by the first signs of real market stress, as some commentators thought they would be.”

This is important to note because it is the equivalent of Alan Greenspan and speaking up to clear the air on stop the continuous finger pointing at hedge funds whenever there is volatility in the marketplace. Many hedge funds provide liquidity when there otherwise would be none, they create a more "perfect" market to trade in.

- Richard

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