Multi-Family Offices & Hedge Funds

Multi-Family Office Hedge Fund

Multi-Family Offices & Hedge Funds

family office hedge fund, multifamily office hedge fundsMany multi-family offices use hedge funds because their clients consist of high net worth or ultra high net worth investors. There are over 800 family offices in the US and over 3,000 family offices globally. With such a high number of offices the types of hedge funds that family offices use varies from place to place. Some best practices on the types of funds family offices typically worth with though include using hedge fund managers that have:
  • 3+ years of a track record
  • Deeply experienced portfolio management team of at least 4 professionals
  • A competitively defendable and repeatable investment process
  • Transparent operations
  • Long-term relationships with the family office
  • Top quartile or decile performance
  • Returns that are not highly correlated with stock market movements
  • Assets of over $30M with preference of at least $100M-$300M
When dealing with hedge funds and hedge fund of funds multi-family offices usually avoid hedge funds that have:
  • Track records of less than 2 years
  • Small management teams
  • Give off the impression of being a fly by night operation
  • Capitalization Problems
  • Poor marketing materials that are unprofessional
  • Hard selling overbearing sales people that don't understand how family offices are ran
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