Hedge Fund Compensation

Hedge Fund Compensation

Hedge Fund Compensation Trends

hedge fund compensation

Hedge fund compensation has gone through the roof over the last 5 years. Half of the new entrants on the list of the 400 richest Americans are hedge fund related. Many MBA graduates can immediately earn 80-125k with top entrants earning over 180k/year.

Are you looking for a hedge fund job or do you want to discuss hedge fund compensation for an employee you might hire? Give me a call when you get a minute. If I can't answer your questions I will find someone who will get you an answer.

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bharathy said...

I have been in the stock market for the past 10 years as a trader and have also worked in stock broking concerns. I am presently doing CFA in ICFAI India. The lucrative salaries that the hedge fund managers earn has really appealed me that I now want to write the CHA exam as well --All I want to know is that --does this certification hold good in India and are the salary prospects on par in India as in US

Richard Wilson said...

I do not have the same level of hedge fund contacts in India as I do in the US but I know that many companies that provide services to hedge funds are based in India. It may be best to start building your own list of these potential employers and work for one of them once you have completed this program. I'm relatively un-informed in how much hedge fund managers and employees are paid in India, sorry I don't have a more specific answer for you on pay levels right now. I don't want to guess if I am not sure on the numbers.

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