Hedge Fund Accounting

Hedge Fund Accounting

Hedge Fund Accounting & Auditing

hedge fund accountingA recent trend in the hedge fund industry has been to outsource major internal services and back office operations such as hedge fund accounting, hedge fund auditing and compliance. Over 60% of emerging hedge fund managers outsource part or all of their hedge fund accounting work to external accountants. This helps the hedge fund manager keep it's overhead low and focus on the investment process. I think more hedge fund managers will outsource their hedge fund accounting work down the road, that's not usually a core competence of a hedge fund team.

If you would like to connect with a hedge fund accounting professional or outsource your hedge fund accounting work let me know and I will put you in touch with an appropriate professional.

Update: I recently met a hedge fund accounting and auditing firm that has over 300 hedge fund clients. If you are looking for a hedge fund accounting firm or auditing services let me know and i would be happy to connect you with this firm.

- Richard

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