Unified Managed Account

Unified Managed Account

Unified Managed Account Overview

Unified Managed AccountUnified managed accounts are fee-based investment products that can help reduce compliance issue for mid-level clients, reduce paperwork and account administration needs, and customize investment solutions for clients. Unified managed accounts are sometimes referred to as Multi-Style Portfolios and they were first created by some of the large banks on wall street in the mid-1990s. These unified managed account packages are increasingly being marketed as all-in-one products to high net worth individuals(1).

UMAs combine the benefits of what most mutual fund wrap programs provide allowing clients to have portfolio customization and robust asset allocation services. What makes unified managed accounts unique is that they are open architecture. You can include ETFs, mutual funds, separate accounts, and individual securities all within one package. They also combine rebalancing, cash management, and risk/portfolio management choices across each class or sleeve of products(1).

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