Using Websites for Sales

Using Websites for Sales

Using Websites for Sales Overview

Using Websites for SalesOver the last year I have built over two dozen websites. Some are very professional and official looking while others still need some work. I have been building these to attract new potential clients for the third party marketing firm I work for. My goal is to eventually create such a wide swath of popular investment websites that hundreds of people read about me every day and the few of those that are prospects for new business will call me every day. I am still about a year away from getting there but I am learning new things each day. So far it has been working great. I usually get 3 requests for informational interviews or hedge fund marketing services every week.

While this is great and I have started to build some additional relationships across the US doing it none of these calls have lead to an inflow of assets for the money manager I am trying to raise money for. This makes it hard to evaluate the true value of making these additional contacts.

The reason I bring this is up is that I recently discovered that a website domain name (domain names are website names like that I would like to own is selling for $3,500. This particular website name would bring dozens of potential clients directly to me. My first knee jerk reaction is that it is worth $3,500 for sure. However the most I have ever paid for a website is $8 through an online site registrar. This leads to the tough question of how you can really assess the value of a website. It involves educated guessing, faith that you will remain working in the same industry, and a hope that if you needed to others in your industry would be willing to purchase it from you at this same price. In the end I think I have decided that over a 10 year period this website is sure to bring at least one client to me that would enable me to make far more than $3,500 in profits, so I am now trying to purchase this website.

Have any of you had similar experiences or thoughts on how to value a website name for your business or career?

- Richard

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Hi Richard,

I love every topic on these website. I am currently building my website and not sure if I am doing the right thing. My web site is about Real Estate properties that I have to offer to serious buyers. Maybe, I can get help from you one day before I will publish it next month. Keep up the good work and thanks.


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