Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance

Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance

Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance Tips

Psychology of Sales Call ReluctanceIt would be interesting to learn more about the psychology of sales call reluctance. There are some days where I am just "on" and I can make 50 calls and initiate some great relationships and then there are days where I make a decent amount of calls but I find myself drifting towards less productivity activities like cleaning out my emails or organizing my past prospect research.

The four tips I can suggest to minimize sales call reluctance are:
  1. Have a winning positive attitude as described in my post on positive psychology
  2. Write out all of your goals on paper. Keep a running list of all 10, 50, or 500 of these on your computer reviewing and adding to them each month.
  3. Realize that most people do know what they want and even more do not want to pay the price of earning what they want even if they do know what it is. If your job includes building relationships chances are you need to be paying the price daily by jumping on the phone for a few hours.
  4. Choose a moment of time where you felt completely confident, successful, and rewarded for something that you accomplished and really earned. Picture this moment in your mind and re-live it as if it were happening again right now, replay it in your mind. Now try bringing this picture to the forefront of your thinking each morning before you start on your calls or whenever you are not motivated to jump on your next call instead of searching for a pair of Red Sox tickets on Google.
Note: It has been brought to my attention that my title for this blog is also the title of a great book on the topic written by George Dudley. This connection was not intended but I thought it was only fair to cite this book as a resource for those how want more information.

The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You're Worth in Sales

- Richard

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