In Search of Excellence Summary

In Search of Excellence Summary

Short In Search of Excellence Summary

In Search of Excellence SummaryThe following is a book summary of lessons from "In Search of Excellence" by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman. This summary is pulled from Richard Wilson's book entitled Rainmaker which is online at

In Search of Excellence, by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman was written based on a study of 47 of the greatest companies in America. They found the following 8 themes common among the group of companies. All of which revolve around people, customers, and action. The 8 themes or principles the companies were grounded on include:

1. A bias for action – “getting on with it”
2. Close to the customer – learning from the people served by the business
3. Autonomy and entrepreneurship – fostering innovation and nurturing “champions”
4. Productivity through people: treating rank and file employees as a source of quality
5. Hands-on, value-driven: management philosophy that guides everyday practice – management showing its commitment
6. Stick to the knitting: stay with the business that you know
7.Simple form, lean staff: some of the best companies have minimal headquarter staff
8. Simultaneous loose-tight properties – Autonomy within shop-floor activities plus centralized values and visions.


Peters, Tom and Waterman, Robert “In Search Of Excellence, Lessons from America’s Best Run Companies” Copyright © 1988 Warner Books, Inc.

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