Kansas Hedge Fund Guide | Hedge Funds in Kansas

Kansas Hedge Fund Guide

Guide to Hedge Funds in Kansas

Below please find the state guide to hedge funds for Kansas.

Resource #1: TrueHedge Advisors LLC managing member Scott B. Kaye raised nearly US$2 million in assets from 18 investors in mid-2002 by telling them they were investing in his hedge fund, TrueHedge Capital Partners LP. But according to a lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in U.S. District Court in Wichita, Mr. Kaye spent US$735,000 of the money on himself, including using US$531,000 of that money to build "an expensive personal residence," according to the SEC complaint source

Resource #2: A local hedge fund has responded after being sued over a year ago by a group of California hedge funds with a lawsuit of its own. Jayhawk Capital Management and its principal owner, Kent C. McCarthy, filed a lawsuit Friday in federal court in Kansas City, Kan., 13 months after being sued by Primarius Capital LLC. Jayhawk and McCarthy say Primarius cost Jayhawk millions of dollars by making slanderous statements source

Resource #3: Jayhawk Capital Management liquidated its U.S.-focused hedge fund, Jayhawk Institutional Partners, and returned the capital to investors. The Mission-based company said in a release Friday that the fund returned 23.5 percent annualized to investors, after fees, for almost 10 years. The company acknowledged in the release that it is unusual to voluntarily liquidate a fund with such solid returns source

Resource #4: Four San Francisco-based hedge funds and the funds' general partner, Primarius Capital, have commenced arbitration against prominent hedge fund manager, former number one Goldman Sachs producer, and University of Kansas lecturer Kent C. McCarthy, his management company, Jayhawk Capital Management, and Jayhawk China Fund, Jayhawk Investments, and Jayhawk Institutional Partners, hedge funds Mr. McCarthy manages source

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