Indiana Hedge Fund Guide | Hedge Funds in Indiana

Indiana Hedge Fund Guide

Guide to Hedge Funds in Indiana

Below please find the state hedge fund guide for Indiana.

Resource #1: Public pension funds have taken heat lately for a slew of problems. From New York to Ohio, critics have lambasted them for inadequate disclosure, mismanagement, and promises to retirees that could leave taxpayers holding the bag source

Resource #2: The $50 billion fraudulent investment scheme linked to the operator of a New York financial firm is sparking memories of a similar case with an Indiana connection. DePauw University Foundation had money in the Bayou Management Hedge Fund, which collapsed amid claims of fraud similar to those leveled against Madoff Investment Securities LLC. source

Resource #3: Great resource for hedge funds from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University source

Resource #4: Lafayette City could also join a hedge fund to reduce gas costs in the New Year. The city council will look into joining Indianapolis and other Indiana cities in a motor vehicle fuel fund. The alliance would allow cities to purchase gas for a lower price source

Other Geographical Hedge Fund Guides Include:

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