Hawaii Hedge Fund Guide | Hedge Funds in Hawaii

Hawaii Hedge Fund Guide

Guide to Hedge Funds in Hawaii

Below please find the state hedge fund guide for Hawaii.

Resource #1: Hawaii is emerging as a focal point for Asia's investors in hedge funds, the financial pools that have blossomed in recent years. London's Financial Times reported this week that 10 hedge funds now operate in Honolulu and that figure could soon double, finding a welcome niche in the state's diversifying economy. The growth should be encouraged by increasing security education and cutting red tape in the industry source

Resource #2: Hawaii never has had a reputation for training or employing large crops of financial managers. The analysts and traders who do leave Hawaii schools generally move to financial centers in places like New York, Japan and Singapore. Louis Perez, chairman and chief executive officer of the Akamai Foundation, wants to change that. He hopes to not only train a work force of financial experts in Hawaii, but also to attract Asia-focused hedge fund managers to the state, building a job market to reverse the brain drain source

Resource #3: AKAMAI will launch its AKAMAI Japan Fund this autumn, according to Bob Howe, chairman and chief investment officer of AKAMAI Capital. On Friday AKAMAI Asia Financial Analyst Training (AFAT) students begin working on the fund, which has run a paper portfolio since last October and has delivered 13.92% annualised. AKAMAI was recently awarded a $1.5m grant from the US department of education, payable over three years, to extend its training program by three years, to a total course length of five years, starting with a year in high school source

Resource #4: Hawaii based ponzi scheme fraud case - Billion Coupons Inc. Marvin Cooper Fraud Case

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