What Every Hedge Fund Resume Needs

What Every Resume Needs

What Every Hedge Fund Resume Needs: the CHP Certificate

I have reviewed countless hedge fund resumes and, to tell you the truth, they all look the same.  This can be frustrating for hedge fund employers because they have a pool of applicants with no unique qualifications to base a hiring decision on.  So, how can you distinguish yourself from all the other job candidates?  After speaking with managers and hedge fund recruiters, we created a solution: the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation.

We realized that hedge funds want to see that their applicants and employees are dedicated to the hedge fund industry and have made an investment in their career by completing our hedge fund training program.  The CHP program is designed by hedge fund professionals for hedge fund professionals and provides participants with specialized knowledge on hedge fund investment strategies, terms, risk management, due diligence and capital raising.

The CHP is the #1 hedge fund training program and to date we have trained over 1,200 hedge fund professionals.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of the CHP program:
  1. Be able to instantly improve your resume and make it more hedge fund focused and specialized, so you are positioned well against others with generic qualifications and training.
  2. Be completing the #1 globally recognized hedge fund training and certification program dedicated exclusively to hedge fund professionals.
  3. Gain access to our practice tests, over 50 video modules, expert interviews with hedge fund veterans, career workbook, resume template, hedge fund startup e-book, coaching from our team, and advanced study guides.
Make your hedge fund resume stand out with the CHP certificate.  To learn more about the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program visit: http://hedgefundcertification.com/Enrollment

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