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Double Your Hedge Fund Compensation

Double Your Hedge Fund Compensation

We get lots of emails from hedge fund professionals (2k/week) who are looking to boost their career, their compensation and their overall progress in reaching their dream hedge fund job.  Below are some quick,  practical ideas which take hard work but are proven to greatly increase your chances of doubling your income in the industry regardless of where you are currently at:
  1. Map out where you want to go in the next 1, 3, 5 and 7 years on paper within a career or business plan, dream big and work backwards from there.
  2. Switch jobs. If your current employer is not giving you opportunities or avenues to grow get out and move on to a bigger opportunity. If this is not an option create "WOW" projects within your job, if you don't know what this means read Tom Peters books for motivation and instructions on this detail.
  3. Stopping thinking about putting in your time and instead start positioning your own unique value and contribution.
  4. Be pro-active in becoming friends with those who are either hubs for industry contacts or are the direct professionals who you want to work for in 3-5 years, friends hire friends.
  5. Invest in yourself, complete training or certification programs, seek out a mentor or hire a coach.
  6. Create 5 drafts of your resume before showing it to anyone, if possible create a pitch book on yourself and your career as to why someone who hire you.  Provide an estimated ROI, example trades, work samples that you have permission to share, etc.
  7. Read at least 30 minutes of training materials or niche books which directly connect with the skills needed to perform very well at your dream position
  8. Join toastmasters, get comfortable and good at speaking at events, seminars, and conferences it positions you as an authority and forces you to master some niche topics
  9. Work hard. I heard a great quote somewhere, in life there are two groups those who take credit and those who do hard work.  Be in the group which does the hard work, there is far less competition.
I hope these tips help, these are things I have learned from trying to grow my career and coaching members of the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program.  Each participant within the CHP Designation gets access to our career coaching, resume feedback, resume template, and over 70 educational videos.

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