CHP Quotes

CHP Quotes

200+ Reasons to Join the CHP Designation Program

If you're wondering whether or not you should join the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program, you now have more than 200 reasons to enroll in the CHP.  Our participants let us know exactly what they think of our hedge fund training program and their response has been a overwhelmingly positive.

One hedge fund manager even told us, "I would recommend the CHP program and this process to anyone who wants to learn more about Hedge funds and be a hedge fund professional."

From hedge fund managers to executives at top investment banks, past participants have shared their CHP experiences so that you can learn of the many benefits of completing this program.  We've collected more than 200 of these testimonials in both video and text format so you can see what CHP participants are saying about our program.

A VP at a leading investment bank described his experience with the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program: "The CHP curriculum is a great place for people within or entering the industry to gain a fundamental foundation on the history, structure, and concept of the Hedge Fund Industry with freedom of time allocation and limited cost."

To read more great quotes like this from the hedge fund professionals who actually took the program, visit this page:

Here's one more actual quote from an investment analyst who completed the CHP program: "The CHP program is a valuable and comprehensive certification which will allow participants to truly make informed choices in the hedge fund industry - both as investors and as professionals. Achieving a CHP designation demonstrates a level of professionalism which is recognized, and sought after, by hedge fund employers and others in the investing industry."

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