Hedge Fund Index April

Hedge Fund Index April

Hennessee Hedge Fund Index Increases 1.3% in April

A hedge fund index shows that hedge funds had an okay April, returning 1.3%. Equities still outperformed hedge funds pretty handily. The S&P 500 grew 2.9% and the Dow Jones climbed 3.98%. The Nasdaq Composite index increased by 3.32% in April. Blue chips in the US had a much better month, in fact their best of the year.
Hedge funds posted gains in April but trailed the major stock indexes during a strong month for equities, according to hedge fund adviser Hennessee Group.

Hennessee Group co-founder Charles Gradante said "the investment environment remains challenging" for the generation of active returns, and shorting--betting on declining values--has been particularly tricky, detracting from overall performance.

U.S. blue-chip stocks saw their best month of the year in April, as first-quarter earnings reports sent major indexes to fresh highs at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index rose 1.27% and the Barclays High Yield Credit Bond Index increased 1.55%. Source

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